Established in 1988, SIRUSIDA high performance gasket is a renowned manufacturer of gasoline/diesel engine gaskets and overhaul kits for all major car brands.
Having several decades of professional manufacturing experience,SIRUSIDA is also well known as the outstanding designer and developer of dies/molds for gaskets.

SIRUSIDA high performance gaskets are manufactured through the adoption 
of the most advanced production techniques and equipment.
SIRUSIDA’s goal is to provide highest quality to meet the need of the latest generation turbo-charged high speed engines running under the toughest condition.
SIRUSIDA achieves it by controlling the entire manufacturing process –from designing, tooling, producing to the final products.

Through continued product research and development,modern management and professional sales and marketing policy, SIRUSIDA has now become gasket of the first choice among motor sport circle.
SIRUSIDA continues to invest in the research and development of the latest techniques in order to create the best quality gaskets for its customers.


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the Monster inside