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ING TIEN Enterprise Co. Ltd. has a long history of providing exceptional flat gasket products for the OE replacement market,
with strong brand reputation,high quality gaskets exceeding OEM quality, and top-tier service support.

By taking our expertise in R & D, manufacturing, and material design,
developing new high performance products for aftermarket customers is the next step in high quality product offerings for the market.

Since 2011, SIRUSIDA products have been proven on the most demanding circuits by some of the most experienced drivers,
from domestic sanctioned races to D1 drivers in Japan.

The quality and design of SIRUSIDA products are on the same level as top gasket manufacturers worldwide,
and our support for domestic customers is more comprehensive than overseas brands.

By listening carefully to customer requests and demands on existing and new product development,
we can easily meet and exceed all expectations.

World-class product and brand, exceptional quality and reliability, unmatched industry experience,
with comprehensive and professional service at a reasonable price point: we will drive your success!




  Established in 1988, SIRUSIDA high performance gasket is a renowned manufacturer of gasoline/diesel engine gaskets and overhaul kits for all major car brands. Having several decades of professional manufacturing experience,SIRUSIDA is also well known as the outstanding designer and developer of dies/molds for gaskets.


  Multiple Layer Steel Head Gaskets This type of gasket has better strength against rebounce and corrosion because it comprises of multi layers of steel. The outer layer is coated with HR-180. It has excellent sealing capability for high power engines. FLUOROELASTOMER A Fluoroelastomer is a special purpose synthetic rubber. It has wide chemical

Brands History

  Origin Story of “SIRUSIDA” Due to the rigorous demands of domestic and international motor sport activities, drivers and mechanics constantly pursue increased levels of performance and reliability from their engines. The head gasket is a key component of engine performance, providing sealing capability and reliable power output.

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